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Our company

Yeah, I know this page is supposed to be "about us", but really it should be called our about you page. Why about you? Well the answer to that is pretty simple really, as a small family owned and operated business, we know that what really matters is you our customers. Without each and every one of you we know that we wouldn't exist as a company, and our top priority and main goal is to give you the best service possible. We want you to be proud to be not just our customers but members of the BeeJays Leather family!

Ok, so what's our story? 

Well it all started back in ancient times (somewhere around 1971) when John & Barbara Camren first set up a booth at a flea market. All they had to sell at the time was a few pieces of jewelry but little did they know this was thier first step to a lifelong growing business. Over the next few years they continued to build a small business selling products at various flea markets part time. As they continued on this business venture thier product line slowly grew along with thier passion for meeting and developing relationships with many new people along the way.

Flash forward more than 40 years later, what started as a small part time venture has grown into a full time family business. Long gone are the days of a small card table of jewelry at a weekend flea market, however our main business model is still being mobile, and taking our show to our customers. BeeJays Leather is now a constant staple at festivals throughout Illinois year round. Our customers many of who become friends who we look forward to seeing year after year, always know that we will be at thier local festival ready to join in the celebrations and share the joy of friendship and community.  

Welcome to the BeeJays Leather Family

You are never "just a customer" with BeeJays Leather. From day one we never think of you as just another customer, you are a friend and valued member of the BeeJays Leather family. You are the force that drives us, without you we don't exist and we want you to know how important you are to us. Our goal as a business is to do everything we can to make you feel valued and happy to be a part of our ever growing family.

Thank You for making this possible!

- Tom Camren

BeeJays Leather Website Administrator & son of founders John & Barbara Camren